Shop (Piggiephernalia)

We are often asked: “if they are rare breeds why do you eat them?”

The answer is simple: being a rare breed, the breed standards are very rigid and it is important to adhere to these standards. Even though we select our breeding stock very carefully, sometimes piglets don’t conform to these high standards. Normally we sell these on as non-registered but “birth notified” weaners, occasionally though we keep some on, these then become free range and provide our little gate sales shop with a selection of meat.

We also sell free-range hens eggs.


We are the local agent for Kellfri agricultural and forestry equipment. The equipment is ideal for smallholders, crofters as well as larger farms.


We are the local agent for Farmplus buildings. Having built a barn from a kit here on our croft and seeing what a high quality, responsibly sourced, exceptional value product it was, I wanted to take this range of buildings on.

Our product line will be continually expanding as we discover more products suitable for crofters and smallholders in general.